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6 & 7 December 2023



The ClimateChangePost brings the latest news on climate change and adaptation, based on the latest results in a large number of scientific journals, reports by the IPCC, the European Environment Agency, and many more. The focus is especially on Europe, but
the latest news on climate change worldwide is also presented. Europe’s vulnerabilities, the impact of the projected climate change, and the consequences for all countries in Europe and for all affected sectors are presented, based on a thorough literature research. Also, strategies to adapt to the consequences of
climate change are presented. Links have been added to related websites, youtube videos and other presentations in the media that shed more light on the possible impacts of climate change.

The ClimateChangePost news site aims to help those who are searching for a quick, but well-substantiated summary of the impact of climate change in their country or their field of interest. The site shows that, in terms of adaptation strategies, a lot can be learned
from studies and assessments in other countries. Besides, the site may be interesting for companies, authorities and research organisations to present themselves to readers looking for information in their field of action.

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