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1 & 2 December 2021


Insurance Litigation Group

Helping Homeowners Deal with their Insurer when Disaster StrikesAs a homeowner, you likely purchased an HO-3 “all risks” or “open perils” insurance policy to cover your home, including your real property and personal belongings. This type of policy generally insures your home against loss from all causes except those which are specifically excluded in the policy. While this may sound like great coverage, it is typically the minimum coverage required by your mortgage lender, and there are many ways the insurer may find to deny coverage or downplay benefits in the event of a loss. Fortunately, you are not alone. When you suffer damage to your property, the attorneys at Insurance Litigation Group can advise and represent you in any dispute in Florida where the insurer is not paying what it should. Call Insurance Litigation Group for a Rapid Response and Effective ResultsOur fees are typically paid by the insurance company, and we can work on a contingency fee basis so you never pay a fee unless we recover for you. Call 786-529-0090 for a free consultation, and experience the benefits of having a team of experienced insurance law attorneys and former public adjusters dedicated to standing up for your rights and helping you get fast, full reimbursement on your covered loss.

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