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1 & 2 December 2021


Keshmen Consult Civil & Structural Engineers

Founded in 1994 and incorporated in 2004, Keshmen is a full-service civil and structural engineering firm committed to delivering excellence in design and personal service by using our technical knowhow and state-of-the-art tools and technology. Keshmen’s greatest strength is arguably its breadth and depth of experience in structural engineering. Projects often require the use of various construction techniques and different materials, and up to now our projects have utilised post-tensioned structures, prestressed structures, masonry and timber, as well as the usual reinforced concrete and steel. This experience gives us the agility to provide the most creative and cost-effective engineering solutions to the client and designers without holding back the momentum of the project team, while keeping engineering safety firmly in perspective.

Substructure often contributes heavily to cost and construction schedule. We routinely play the critical role of tailoring the geotechnical design to take full advantage of any beneficial site conditions. We also provide the flexibility to adopt the latest construction methodologies, such as in the construction of basements, where top-down construction may be employed to accelerate schedule. Our expertise in civil infrastructure - which includes the design of road infrastructure systems, drainage systems, water supply lines, sewers & wastewater treatment systems - is an integral part to our core services, which has over the years contributed to building up our long track record of reliable and successful relationships with local authorities. It goes beyond doubt that our experience in this area plays a critical role in the successful completion of each and every one of our projects, many of which are showcased on our website.

Our projects are numerous and various; thus, we hope you will take this opportunity to contact us, and we will show you how our contribution will add value to - and safeguard the success - of your project.

Tel: +603-5632-3750

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