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6 & 7 December 2023


Rise Structural Design, Inc

RISE Structural Design, Inc. is a group of professionals who design various structures locally and overseas. We aim to provide a safe and secure society by making sure all structures can stand against natural disasters with minimal damage. Our designs cover from commercial and residential buildings, to arenas, warehouses, piping and equipment racks, and foundations. In addition, we also prepare plans in 2D and 3D while considering the feasibility and cost efficiency of the designs.

Our company's expertise are plant structures (e.g. those that handle electricity, gas, petroleum, LNG, nuclear) which in particular, requires compliance to higher levels of safety guidelines, new and existing structures alike. A lot of the plants in Japan were built during the Japanese economic miracle and they are around 40-50 years old but, it is possible to extend further their lifespan by applying appropriate retrofitting.

Furthermore, Japan, being an earthquake-prone country, has an established seismic design method. However, unforeseeable circumstances still arise and it is important to improve the methods continually. We conduct different case studies that we believe can contribute to the reduction of damage due to natural disasters not only Japan but also in other countries around the world.

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