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6 & 7 December 2023


Similie: Early Warning Systems

Similie’s Multi-Hazard Early Warning system (MHEWS) disrupts the market by providing the only end-to-end and people-centered MHEWS in the market. Our MHEWS streamlines the technologies and workflows needed to deploy MHEWS by integrating features for risk knowledge (community-based risk mapping tools), monitoring and warning (with real-time data collection, analytics, and automatic warning generation), warning dissemination and communications (SMS, e-mail, and messenger), and response capability (a logistics/assets/personnel management system).  


Risk knowledge: We provide a set of tools for implementing partners to conduct community-based risk maps, which can be integrated into our system as risk map overlays. With these risk maps in place, Similie can help decision-makers and DRR practitioners to consider various multi-hazard scenarios, improve good governance and effective decision-making, and increase preparedness.


Monitoring and warning: We collect real-time data, compare it to the risk maps, global forecasting models, flood models, or any other desired models to generate warnings. Our monitoring and warning capabilities help significantly decrease the amount of time necessary to start disseminating warnings.


Warning dissemination and communication: Our system allows for automatic communications via e-mail, SMS or social media. Our product development road map includes further developing our communication dissemination efforts by including cell broadcasting, messinger chat-bots, and integrating sirens and other alert methods.


Response capability: By integrating our Logistics/Asset and Personnel Management Systems into their MHEWS, governments and response agencies can better coordinate their efforts in an accountable and responsible way. Our LMS/PMS also allows for surveying to assist in assessments post-event.

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