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1 & 2 December 2021


Vieux & Associates

Vieux & Associates (Vieux) is the industry leader in rain gauge adjusted radar rainfall (GARR) services. They are experts in flash flood forecast systems that integrate GARR with distributed hydrologic modeling. Across the United States and internationally, stormwater programs, sewer districts, and regional water management organizations benefit from our services.

Better characterization of rainfall between the rain gauges and stream flow beyond the stage gauges can improve planning, analysis, and operations.Catchment specific rain rates are generated and delivered in near real time. Experienced Hydro-Meteorologists correct and document our GARR for master planning and high impact event analysis.

The growing frequency of high impact rainfall and flood events increase the need for more and better rainfall and predictive flood model information. Vieux delivers this information via cloud based applications designed to be device independent, meaning that the display and functionality adapts to the screen size and device from mobile units, laptops, larger desktops and oversized displays in emergency operations centers.

Vieux is a member of the Advanced Environmental Monitoring (AE Monitoring) family of companies. AE Monitoring combines global leaders to provide reliable and innovative environmental monitoring and analysis solutions. These companies offer world-class technologies, including sensors, dataloggers, telemetry and software that provide advanced analytics and prediction. Decision makers use our technologies to make better decisions, extend reaction time, and improve their ability to adapt to weather and environmental events… ultimately protecting people, infrastructure, and entire communities.

Tel: 405.325.1818

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