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6 & 7 December 2023


WaSH Innovation Sp. z o.o

We provide different solutions for every situation.

WaSH Innovation provides portable and water-saving devices for personal hygiene. We dedicate our kits to everyone who has or may have a problem with access to running water for personal hygiene purposes caused by external factors such as natural disasters, military operations, or other similar causes.

OUR PRODUCTS - Pocket Bath, Pocket Sink, and Pocket Shattaf - are new solutions tested in a real environment, with a demonstrated potential for adaptability and scalability under different humanitarian aid settings and responding to the needs of those in the most vulnerable situation. The most important features of our devices are lightweight, easy to transport, quick to install, convenient to use, water-saving, and the possibility of contactless hand washing in almost all conditions.

The QUALITY and SUSTAINABILITY of our products are based on the application of advanced technologies, including technological components, affordability, and improved cost-effectiveness for beneficiaries and organizations responding to the crisis.

WE HOPE TO develop our corporation with organizations worldwide and provide our solution to as many places in the world as possible. Maintaining hygiene, washing hands, and other parts of the body are essential for well-being, health, and even survival especially in crisis conditions where seeing a doctor is very difficult or even impossible.

WE STRONGLY BELIEVE that our products will have a positive impact on situations that require innovative solutions in the emergency WaSH sector.

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