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6 & 7 December 2023



Zip-Clip are designers and manufacturers of high-specification wire rope suspension and bracing solutions, including systems purpose-engineered for seismic applications. Developed by highly experienced in-house R&D teams, in close consultation with engineers and contractors, Zip-Clip systems are globally recognized for their high quality, fully accountable performance and functionality. Zip-Clip have been providing wire rope solutions for over 16 years and in that time have worked with many major contractors and clients building an enviable worldwide reputation. In 2021 Zip-Clip released our technical guide ‘Seismic Solutions for Building Services’ – a detailed guide to the use of wire rope bracing systems for securing non-structural building components, such as HVAC, mechanical and electrical services, and detailing specifically how Zip-Clip bracing solutions can effectively improve the resilience and safety of such building services in the event of an earthquake. The guide is available as two editions, a worldwide edition and one specifically developed for New Zealand, compiled in line with regional Building Codes and Standards. As a manufacturer Zip-Clip provides complete solutions through a global distributor network, however, we take pride in offering detailed advice and guidance to all – Early engagement direct with clients, specifiers, and installers ensures time for the optimum solution to be considered, evaluated, and provided. 

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