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6 & 7 December 2023


Innovation & Technology

Analytic tools to effectively measure and manage the dangers of hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms, ice storms, and more.

With the increasing frequency and constant threat of hurricanes and tornadoes destroying homes and communities, and devastating entire cities, the importance of the latest technology made to save lives and mitigate storm damage has never been more pressing.

Tornado shelters, hurricane bunkers, and survival kits are some of the basic tools communities need to get through the devastation of these types of disasters. But what other innovations and tech have been in development, discovering new and more efficient ways to detect and combat storms and wind damage worldwide?

See what scientists and engineers are creating to help mitigate the destruction of storm-based disasters, such as SINTEF’s “bubble curtain” method to eliminate hurricanes as they form, impact-resistant windows to protect homes and keep people safe when destructive winds occur, and anti-icing agents to combat the destructive effects of ice storms and allow first-responders and emergency services reach those in need during such a storm.